on a whim…

So yes, I created this blog on a whim. I am sitting at home not doing work while I should be and acted on a random thought. The purpose of this blog isn’t for anything transcendental. I am just a girl 30 years of age, living in Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago in a small studio apartment that is currently lilac (colour change pending). I have zero children, zero significant other, zero pets, i made an attempt at a potted plant once and that died.

This blog is completely random, so my posting topics will be as well. I know for one thing, I will be sharing a lot about myself, my thoughts and my life. I decided to post anonymously because i want to be completely honest on this blog and as its my first, call it stage fright.  If you do decide to follow me or take a moment to read, do not come with preconceived notions, I am not an English guru, so most likely grammatical errors will occur (grammar nazi’s be warned). Its my blog so I’ll be posting about anything i want be it a review of a strain of  weed I smoked, to politics, movies, parties, art (as i paint), hiking (because i do this also), books, my family (because lord knows the post will most likely be a rant lol, love them though) or anything else love life included. Like i said it will sporadic as can be my innate nature.

I have also been clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Because it is something I struggle with daily it will also make an appearance on this blog, it is ever present in every other aspect of my life already. But screw depression, we’ve been in a boxing ring together for years and as much as it has knocked me down I’ve never received a k.o….I always stand back up ready for the next round.

I am excited to tell you about myself and my world and also get to hear about your own. Lets share each others stories. You see as much as I shy away from social media it does connect us all…feel free to drop by again or drop me a line and look forward to my next post.

R.I.P potted plant (my mother and father are amazing gardeners, this skill skipped me)



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  1. M.L. says:

    “But screw depression, we’ve been in a boxing ring together for years and as much as it has knocked me down I’ve never received a k.o” Dats right!

    It’s hard work isn’t it? This blogging thing. I have trouble with consistency but it helps. It really helps with depression and makes you feel like an actual real human being… if that makes sense.

    *Gardening skipped my family generation too btw.

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    1. It’s much harder than I originally thought to be quite honest. I have so many posts I started and have been unable to finish. But it is therapeutic and does help me sort my thoughts out. Thanks for dropping by blog and commenting. Today has been especially difficult for me, your comment cheered me up a bit, just knowing someone read what I wrote and can relate. So thank you for that.

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  2. [ Smiles ] It is nice to come across a fellow blogger from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Not a bad attempt at a first blog post!

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    1. Thank you. I remembered being so nervous writing it and more so before posting. I appreciate the feedback.

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      1. [ Smiles ] You are most welcome, my dear!


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